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About Counselling & Psychotherapy

Counselling and Psychotherapy are a means by which people find help to resolve difficulties in their emotional and psychological living.

Stress, anxiety, depression, grief, compulsions - thoughts, feelings or behaviours, relationship difficulties, addictions, are all examples of states of feeling and experiences that people go through in life. Most people benefit greatly from the support and help of a trained counsellor during these times.

Often during these challenging times, issues from the past emerge, sometimes with renewed vigour. The support of a trained professional psychotherapist can help to heal the wounds, which constrain and limit our lives. This is where Psychotherapy - the healing of the psyche is most helpful.

We in SafeHaven are a dedicated group of professionals; all are members of the governing bodies involved in the regulation of our profession in Ireland and in Europe. We are all involved in ongoing professional supervision, continuous education, and personal development.

Our collective and singular objective is to deliver the best possible professional service for our clients.