SafeHaven Counselling Services

SafeHaven is a group of experienced, qualified, fully accredited Counsellors and Psychotherapists, in practice in Cork City Centre. We are dedicated to helping people work through a range of issues including:

Anxiety - general and social anxiety
Depression - major, clinical, bi-polar
Apathy, hopelessness, helplessness, suicidal thoughts & tendencies and self-harming
Stress & panic attacks
Workplace stress, bullying, financial stress
Phobias & CBT
Self-Esteem, assertiveness, issues of self worth
Anger, aggression, domestic violence
Relationship issues, separation, divorce
Issues for survivors of childhood sexual abuse, trauma or neglect
Grief & loss issues
Personal development & life changing issues
Gender & sexual issues
Mental health issues

Confidential and supportive, we are fully compliant with the ethics, guidelines and practices of the governing bodies for counseling and psychotherapy in Ireland.