Hope for the Homeless is a charity working in Cork City supporting persons affected by homelessness and dealing with all sorts of life issues. It is our mission to provide support no matter how a person finds themselves in their current situation, without judging. We provide food, clothing, toiletries and financial assistance for accommodation if possible, a kind listening ear and understanding.

“Hope for the Homeless” is part of the overall benevolent ministry and outreach of Good News Christian church, in Cork city and county.
Our vision is to take people into hope whereby they are living a fulfilled, purposeful and content life.

We exist: To bring the hope and love of Christ to the homeless in both spiritual and practical ways. If we can bring some sense of hope, some expression of love and encourage faith into the hearts of those living on our streets then we have made a difference.

We started this work on the 16th of September with a sleep-out on the streets with the homeless.

We are currently reaching out to those in need by providing:
- Every second Friday night, outside Brown Thomas, to give what help we can. Each night our team can help 40 to 60 people on our street outreach. We feed, give clothes, create safety, share hope and love, pray with some, and bed down with blankets and sleeping bags. We have a pop up café and send out small teams to reach out to wherever we find homeless.

- Hope Café is opened every Saturday in The Haven, Bachelor’s Quay, where we provide a hot three-course meal, clothing, sleeping bags, shelter and support for those who really need it.
We reach out to at least 60 to 70 people each Saturday. We sometimes have testimonies shared by people who were homeless and were able to recover with the help of Jesus.

- Our Hope 12 steps Recovery programme is available every Tuesday from 12 noon to 2 p.m. in The Haven, Bachelor’s Quay, for anyone trying to overcome life’s hurt, hang ups and bad habits.

- A service for clients whom we deal with on a weekly basis for among other things: consultations/assessments to help them get into rehabilitation facilities, assistance with housing applications, dealings with social welfare, help with setting up in new homes/shared accommodation, giving personal references, and at times visit those whom we have met in prison or accompanying someone to court. Also, financial assistance for emergency accommodation where possible.

Gillian Horgan (church deacon) CEO of Hope for the Homeless, is managing the day to day affairs supported by a sub-council who meet monthly.

We have great team of volunteers of all backgrounds who have received training in First Orientation, First Aid, Peaceful Intervention and HACCP.

In time we aim to set up premises with a kitchen in order to invite clients in for a second day in the week to serve them a meal between 4-6 p.m. Currently we do this on a Saturday.
Our long-term vision is to have our won building where we can open and offer our services five afternoons a week, currently there are no available services of this kind open to the needy in the afternoons in Cork City.